Emergency Responder Radio Communications

Local jurisdictions are now requiring emergency responder radio coverage in all areas of all buildings.

Most of the police and fire departments in the bay area have migrated from UHF/VHF frequencies to digital radio frequencies. Digital radio frequencies do not have the ability to penetrate concrete and steel buildings liker the old UHF/VHF frequencies were able to. Emergency responders are often unable to transmit and receive messages inside of buildings.

The California Building Code now requires that emergency responder communication systems be installed in buildings where radio signal coverage is lacking: CA Building Code Chapter 9

The California Fire Code 510.02 requires ALL existing buildings  buildings that do not have approved radio coverage for emergency responders within the building, based upon the existing coverage levels of the public safety communication systems of the jurisdiction at the exterior of the building, shall be equipped with such coverage according to one of the following:

  1. Where an existing wired communication system cannot be repaired or is being replaced, or where not approved in accordance with Section 510.1, Exception 1.

  2. Within a time frame established by the adopting authority.

Exception: Where it is determined by the fire code official that the radio coverage system is not needed.

Battalion One Fire Protection has teamed up with Honeywell/Gamewell  to provide a bi-directional radio amplification system to comply with California Fire Code requirements.

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